a tree of life lantern black walnut, large
a tree of life lantern, medium black walnut, honeybee lantern in the rear
three tree of life lanterns, size small
a tree of life lantern in small maple wood
three tree of life lanterns in maple small medium and large
three celtic tree of life lanterns in white oak, maple and black walnut I size small
a celtic tree of life lantern in black walnut, size small
two tree of life lanterns in maple, small and large

A tree of life lantern with a celtic spin

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The tree of life is present in so many cultures and I have always admired the beautiful detail in the miriad interpretations.

My lantern is very strong graphically..... the light glows warmly through the openwork pattern of this candleholder with extra detailing at the sides and bottom. A quick visit to Wikipedia explains the symbolism between the roots, the trunk and the branches and the body, mind and soul.

A tree of life symbolizes eternal life and immortality.
Many of my customers tell me they used this tree of life lantern in a memorial capacity.
I am very touched by this. And though this wasn't my original intent, a memorial lantern is a lovely idea and I'm very proud my lantern design searved for this pupose.


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