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Letter Pi Monogram Lantern

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The Pi of the monogram series.... Not what you would think about a letter, but it is from the greek alphabet, so a letter non-the less. 

And Pi is such a pretty symbol - just like pie is so pretty with its scalloped edges flourishes... and if you're into pretty pies check out this feed. @batterednbaked


In a nutshell .... there is a direct relationship between the distance across a circle and the distance around a circle.
It's pretty easy to measure across a circle but not so easy to measure around it. But you don't need to measure it because this brilliant guy - Archimedes - figured it out for you. Just multiply the width by 3.14 and you're done.

But why has this letter of the Greek alphabet ..... π have anything to do with circles?  

Pi is the first letter in the greek word for periphery.... isn't that nicely tied up with a bow.
March 14th is PI-day.... Guess what's on the menu for dinner?




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