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Meet Deb.

CWB and I had intended to "do up" the bedroom for our 35th wedding anniversary. Our 40th was looming and we had made no progress. Enter Deb Richmond. 

Deb has the type of expertise I really appreciate. Her background at home had a grounding in sewing and design. Meaning she understands what can and what cannot be made. In what fabrics, in the right circumstances with the correct hardware. This is a rare thing.

Deb has the credentials to be sure with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Hons focused in Textile Design & Design Management from the prestigious University of Manchester - Institute of Science and Technology. But it's her creative flair,  artistic eye - and a life lived surrounded by colour and texture.that truly set her apart as a designer.

Deb's spoonflower portfolio is filled with lighthearted and vibrant designs that showcase her love for colour and patterning but is grounded in knowing the designs work once sewn up.  She has a keen attention to detail - like my mother .... which is high praise indeed. When the headboard installers insisted they were doing it right she frankly wouldn't let them proceed. She basically showed them their job and now they know how to do it properly.

There's been entirely too much beige in home decor for me these past few years and I was searching for someone who could create a look with layers of colour and texture that looked like it had evolved over the years by someone with impeachable taste ( so not me). Deb has done exactly that. I can hardly wait for the curtains to arrive.

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