We are Lantern Cozies.

Our lanterns are simply shaped yet perfectly proportioned. Our designs impart elegance and just a touch of whimsy to your evening. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, ethical production, and accessible prices.

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I make these beautiful lanterns from glass and Maple or white Oak from my home near Toronto, Canada.

Besides being beautiful they are really practical.... The wood exterior can be exchanged with any of the other styles or woods I offer. So you can have the style in this listing and then with just the purchase of a spare cozy you can switch over to a mandala style or a mid-century style or any of the other styles available in my shop. You can change from light wood to dark wood whenever you wish.

The spare cozies are available here and are also available by subscription if you would like a nice seasonal surprise.

Play with your day and sparkle your night


Dale Egan - founder Lanterncozies in the studio

Announcing the Travel Lantern

Make every day special with a lantern that reflects your mood, your interests, the occasion.

Play with your Day - Sparkle your night

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Currently Available Designs

  • The Travel Lantern
  • A tree of life lantern with a celtic spin
    a tree of life lantern black walnut, large
  • True North Lantern - Strong and Free
    A true north lantern  - medium in white oak on the arm of an Adirondack in Muskoka
  • The Floral Lantern
    The floral lantern - size small in black walnut on the back of a toilet in my neighbour's loo
  • Mid Century Modern
    Three mid century modern lanterns in size small in black walnut, white oak and maple
  • The Mandala lantern
    The mandala lantern - glass and natural maple, oak or walnut -
  • The Honeybee lantern
    close up of the honeybee detail of the honeybee lantern
  • The Love Lantern
  • Page Turner
  • Oak leaves and acorns

The Monograms are Here

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The Jojo Lantern - part of the JOJO x Etsy collaboration .....it was the most amazing, growing experience - one I'm hopeful I may have the opportunity to repeat one day.

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This lantern is stunning! I purchased the large floral detail in white oak and it is just beautiful. I've inserted 2-3 battery operated candles and it gives off a nice glow. I'm definitely considering ordering more- possibly a small or medium- and also considering purchasing as a gift! Highly recommend.


I think this is my third of fourth purchase by now! Fell in love with the first one and have gifted 3!!! They are so perfect and unique and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! What better way to make someone’s heart light up than to gift them beautiful light?!!!! These handcrafted pieces are just absolutely gorgeous and are packaged so thoughtfully!!! I can’t say enough how happy to make others happy by giving them your beautiful items! Thank you! 💜


This is another gorgeous lantern cozie from Dale. It has brought so much beauty to our home over the holidays and will continue to do so all year. I highly recommend this wonderful shop. Thanks for all your help. Happy New Year

cgrenier4 Dec 31, 2020

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