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You have probably heard of a "cozy" that goes around a drink container (to keep it warm or cold). We have a "Lantern Cozie" which is a lantern with wood cover that goes around it and creates a magical experience of light through a custom designed pattern and shape on the cozy. The cozy is removable and replaceble with a different one to create a different experience.

Currently the Lantern Cozies are offered in three types of wood. White oak, black walnut and maple. All the wood is sourced in Canada. Wood is a natural product so the grains vary on each piece which makes it more wonderful to look at. The illumination creates a lovely pattern for making that event extra special. We ship the cozie around a glass vase so you receive both the glass and the cozie.

For normal use, candles are available in all sizes, but we prefer a smaller candle, around 3" so the light is cast up into the openings. The effect is really dramatic. We also use LED candles if they will not be attended during use or are in a location that is hard to reach - then a REMOTE CONTROL is an excellent addition. See this link for more info on candles in a glass.

We sell the Lantern Cozies in different sizes and materials. The Lantern Cozies come in Large (6.5" diameter, 7" high), Medium sizes (5" diameter, 5" high) and Small (4" diameter, 5" high). They currently come in a variety of natural wood products - Oak, Maple, Black Walnut and several designs (mid century modern, mandala, pineapple, honeybee, flowers, truenorth, celtic tree of life, oak leaves, diwali, CUSTOM, etc). Sign up for our newsletter for all the news or follow us on INSTAGRAM as we introduce more wood products and sizes and designs.

The Lantern Cozie comes to you in a very nice lovely box with the glass/vase and the cozie around it. It comes with lace(s) that are used to poke through the holes in the cozy (at the ends) and this forms the flat cozie into a cylinder. The medium and small sizes have one lace up area, and the Large size has two lace-up areas. The laces are made of the same wood product as the cozie. Once the cylinder shape is done, then put the vase into the lace from the top down. We found it easier to put the vase onto the lace than the lace onto the vase. Check out our website in the "making a cozy" area for more photos !

The Lantern Cozie is shipped with an oil based finish (kosher, non-solvent oil) so it minimizes finger prints and stains. It is a natural product. If you get wax on the cozie, take it off the vase and put it in the freezer. Once the wax is frozen it will pick off the wood cozie quite easily. If you use LED candles in your vase, its not likely needing to be cleaned often.

The Lantern cozie is not dishwasher safe. The recommendation for the lantern/vase/glass is to hand wash.

Your cozie will fit snuggly on the outside of a standard vase. Once the cozie is laced together on the vase ( YOU CAN SEE HOW HERE ) just slide the glass down into the cozy. That's it!

The Lantern Cozie is shipped with the lantern (glass cylinder) in commercial packaging (a box). We do our best to make sure its all wrapped safely for shipping. Candles arent include but we recommend using LED candles if not attended during use. We also find artificial candles to be verry effective as well. See other FAQ's for more info or contact us if any questions.

Yes, we want customers to be delighted! Contact us using the form on the website to arrange. If there is a problem using the cozie or you received the wrong item, contact us right away.

The Large cozies come in three sizes Large (6.5" diameter, 7" high), Medium sizes (5" diameter, 5" high) and Small (4" diameter, 5" high).

We ship the Lantern Cozies as soon as possible after an order is received. We want each customer to be delighted and look forward to comments and questions. Send us an email if needed for more info. If possible, keep the box that the LanternCozie (lantern) came in and send it back in that.