Well hi there.

Are you curious about who we are?

We are Lantern Cozies and we create beautiful lanterns. Their shape is simple, almost minimal, leaving lots of room for creativity. Our lanterns are practical yet fanciful with designs inspired by nature, textiles, family traditions and ancient texts.

The cozies are made using classic North American wood species - maple, white oak and black walnut. Our finishing process does not contain any dyes, perfumes or additives.

We are very choosy. We hand select each piece of wood and take great care to ensure the walnut is a rich chocolate, the white oak has a consistency of grain, and  the maple is light and clear.  In our packing room we like to think of you.  When your parcel arrives in its artful, sturdy packaging we know you'll be excited to light it that evening or gift it as the case may be.

So light your lantern and sparkle your night.

Dale - Chief Lantern Designer

From an early age I loved everything modular, practical, beautiful and easy to use. From my kitchen dishes, to the jewellery I wear and my style of cooking, everything mixes together beautifully.

These days, aside from my lantern business, I run, I yoga and, like everyone else, I wander aimlessly though Ikea and waste time watching Netflix. If you want to see how the lanterns started Here are the lanterns I made for the wedding

Meet Jim.

chief lantern designer Dale standing in front of the work bench with eight lanterns lit in front

Jim - chief worker bee - in front of the stove in the kitchen at lantercozies

Jim - Chief Worker Bee

This is Jim, the details man. Having owned a successful engineering firm he is the one to establish good processes at LanternCozies. He is the enforcer of skus, spell checker extraordinaire and takes care of taxes and trademarks. 

When everything flows seamlessly from your purchase to our shipping Jim is a happy man. He’s function over form, fixes the stuff I break and he's a long term thinker.

We make a great team.