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Are you a fan?  I'm a fan and when I'm home watching....not at the rink I light my PWHL lantern..... Just a little ambiance to add to the thrill

This is PWHL merchandise taken to a new level! What a terrific way to show fan support with Professional Women's Hockey League gear for those fans who are looking for high-quality merchandise. Women's hockey apparel I we already have so here's something new and different from the usual clothing, accessories and hockey jerseys related to women's ice hockey. I also have my PWHL hat that I received as a season ticket holder and my PWHL long sleeve t-shirt which is so soft and cozy.
As something completely different this PWHL accessory is sure to become a league collectible and PWHL collectibles from the inaugural season will be a rare commodity and so each of my PWHL landers will be produced with an engraved year and edition..... It make it extra special

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