Dotti Pots

Dotti Pots

A have a thing for pottery. Emma Bridgewater in particular but I got it in my head a few years ago that I really wanted to support local ceramicists and eventually be able to set the table with wares that would tell a story; I would know exactly who made each piece.

Now this could get out of hand pretty quickly and dinner would begin to look like a dog’s breakfast before I even served up and so the aesthetic of each piece needed to be simple, not boring, simple. This is the sort of thing I mean:

photo of a cream coloured bowl with three kiwi fruit in it

This has turned out to be quite a tall order but I have found some ceramicists over time and this is one I’d like to introduce you to.

Her name is Sandra Silberman and she is the owner Dotti Potts Pottery Studio. I came across her at the Balls Falls Artisan fair some years back and just loved what she was making. Her pieces have very clean lines and much of the detailing is applied to or carved from the clay.

I have primarily drawn on my African roots for inspiration to make ceramic items that reflect my own sense of style. I am constantly inspired by home decor, fashion and nature, Dotti Potts’ aesthetic is fashion forward, but with a timeless quality. Our main focus is to produce beautiful and useful ceramic items that are seen and enjoyed daily.

We exhibit at juried arts & craft shows throughout Canada, including the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, among many others.

I believe that an artist’s work should constantly evolve, I feel grateful that my strong creative spark has provided a lifetime of inspiration for future work. Clay has endless possibilities and after nearly 3 decades of working with clay I feel like I’m just beginning.

small every day bowl with branches

What I really like is that I find her glazes very subtle, easy on the eyes, and despite my busy Bridgewater dishes her serving pieces nestle in perfectly with my collection.  Even better, when I use "plain white" dishes,Sandra's pots speak up and become the main source of interest.  It's very cool how adaptable and timeless all the pieces are.... I have loved them for years.

You can find the Sandra online here or at the


T. 705 812 3306

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