Maker Spotlight -  Geoff Kelk Woodlot Harvest

Maker Spotlight - Geoff Kelk Woodlot Harvest

Introducing Geoff Kelk of Woodlot Harvest -

he's and extremely talented wood turner form Shelburne Ontario and I bought a bowl from him over twenty years ago.  It was an investment but it has been used and used and used. It owes me nothing.... it's made of spalted maple and is just stunning.

The thing is, this bowl is HUGE.  And fine, not like anything I've seen anywhere else. And despite the horrendous abuse ( my mom used to say I'm "hard on things") this bowl is still perfect as the day it was bought.

This is all Geoff does and when a specialist does something, the tiniest details are perfected. He transforms a block of solid Ontario hardwood into an elegant and balanced form. They each have ageless, graceful lines relating to the character and use of the piece.

"I turn bowls to have a natural feel making you want to pick it up and use every day."

picture of the bowl making process by Geoff Kelk

Now Jim's Uncle John in Ireland is a wood turner and I have been the very lucky recipient of many bowls, the most delicate of little wooden mushrooms and other turned pieces he created.  But when he visited us many years ago he was absolutely staggered at my Geoff Kelk bowl. I explained, as best I could, what Geoff told me was his process.  You can read about it in his own words on his website here

But Basically

  1. He takes a giant chunk of wood and
  2. Does a rough turned shape while its green
  3. Throws it in a bog or something to age (don't quote me, its been a long time)
  4. Takes it out and lets it dry - its not even round any more.
  5. Turns the final shape - the rim, the foot .....
  6. Sands and finishes

My bowl was in production for over a year but the result is so elegant and durable - it's one of my favourite things ever.  For a milestone birthday I bought one for my good friend Glenda ( who I designed the Pineapple lantern for ). Her bowl has pride of place on her dining table but truly I'm annoyed because she has never used it which is a shame. I'm going to put a salad in it one day!

Here's my beautiful bowl.

photo of a spalted maple salad bowl 

Geoff does have a website and his phone number is on it.... but he doesn't use any social media. Click here for his site

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