Aaaaand we are Lauched!

Aaaaand we are Lauched!

It’s here!

I am so excited to be part of the @joelle_fletcher x @Etsy home collection launching today! JoJo Fletcher partnered with 15 Etsy sellers to create a limited edition home collection, featuring my co-designed Lantern, available to shop now!​#​ JoJoxEtsy. This lantern epitomizes the Retro-rustic vibe of JoJo's style and it was thrilling to be working with Joelle Fletcher.

“I love the sense of joy a well-curated space can evoke, and I often find it's the smallest details that make the biggest difference.”
- JoJo Fletcher

This says so much about the limited edition lantern design. There is a big emphasis on tiny details here....the effect from the fine lines etched out of the wood gives romantic flickering glow at night and incredible dimension during the day.

jojoxetsy collection lantern

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