Presents for Readers? Here are some book-themed gifts for the book lovers on your list.

Presents for Readers? Here are some book-themed gifts for the book lovers on your list.

Stumped for ideas on what would be some great presents for readers this holiday season? 

We all have at least bibliophile to buy for at Christmas. Everything under the tree for them is rectangular and easy to wrap. Let me guess, is it a book? they say.

But wait, there has to more out there in this big wide world that has been created for the millions of bookworms in the world. So if you are looking for some best gifts for book lovers in your life and you want to avoid the obvious there here are a few ideas.  

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Jane Austen coasters and a Charles Dickens themed throw pillow
Book-themed gifts for the lover of the classics

My friend Glenda is a huge fan of the classics... and she's also a great gift-giver. Here are some of the ideas I have in mind for her but they are great presents for readers of all genres

Jane Austen Themed Classic Book Cover Coasters 

Based on Jane Austen classic books’ covers and featuring all her novels, this set of four fiberboard coasters with glossy finish are thick, durable and bookish.

A Charles Dickens Themed throw pillow

Glenda also reads A Christmas Carol each year and most Dickens decor can be a bit over the top.  This throw pillow would look fabulous in an decor or season 

The perfect accessory for the book lover that takes their books to bed.

Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

My friend Marlene has one of these and swears by it. She even packed it to visit me in Key West and she's a light packer. Flippy is a year round tablet accessory gift for iPad, e-reader, tablet, and book lovers. On the couch, in the kitchen with a cookbook, reading in bed, doing homework in the car, Flippy is terrific for readers of all ages. 

a purse made from hard covered children's books

A little Nostalgia when you need presents for readers and book-nerds

A Tintin themed backpack

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My kids get really nostalgic when it comes to some of their childhood favourites and they were huge Tintin fans. If you love comic book decor and Tintin, this will be your favourite bag. You will definitely enjoy this drawstring backpack when going the beach, to the gym, to study in the library or any other use. This beautiful red cotton backpack gives a beautiful touch for your cool style! It also will be great college student gift.

Le Petit Prince

With some of the most charming illustrations ever in print, there are loads of darling decor items with a Petit Prince theme.  Gien - that wonderful French china company even had a complete set available but, alas, it is discontinued. There are loads of other choices.... from wall art, to pillows, to mugs.

Here are a few:


Library themed Tote Bag for Bookworms

I first came across these at a craft fair. The artisan was literally sourcing old, hard cover versions of books and making them into tote bags. What a fabulous idea and such unusual presents for readers.

I guess I could make it myself but no, I really don't see that in my future. I don't know what happened to that long ago maker but here is an option on Etsy and some instructions if you want to take a crack at it yourself.

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Oscar Wilde scented candles

I had to laugh when I found these candles.  I mean,ew, Mr. Wilde has been dead a long time.  I thought they would be worth a try, Paddywax makes great candles. A homage to the great literary figure, it’s a perfect gift for lovers of fine literature. The collection pairs favorite literary quotes with custom blended fragrances specifically designed to evoke the spirit of the author; impeccably packaged in a beautiful linen-textured gift box. After burning the candle, the container is great for storing beauty items, holding knick knacks, or as a planter.

paddy wax candles with an Oscar Wilde theme

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