Thoughts on knots

Thoughts on knots

Winter is in the rear view window finally and spring is truly with us. Which means it's time to get out in the garden. I love my garden but boy is it a bit much but fortunately I lean more to shape than colour so I planted hedges..... lots of hedges .It means quite a bit of clipping in the spring but then I just add colour with my window boxes.

Another thing I'm a big fan of is celtic knots which I couldn't get me fill of on my first visit to Ireland..... way back 1987 and wanted to add some of that interest into the landcape.  I particularly wanted it to be seen from above so I dug out a bug area- lugged that dirt to the front of the house and built a low stone wall with some stone from an old patio.  When I think back... no wonder I was in great shape. 

This little knot is made from box woods I started from clippings and I've been nurturing it for around 18 years.  These two photos show it in two seasons... I usually have something in the stone planter in the middle but I haven't decided what it will be this year..... after the year I had an agapanthus I just can't go back to a fern.

The cover photo is not mine, its by Greg Wilson on - you can find it here on Unsplash

garden celtic knot 

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