From Montauk to Nantucket - Coastal Decor stands the test of time.

From Montauk to Nantucket - Coastal Decor stands the test of time.

Ok, who doesn't love Erica's house in Something's Gotta Give? Ocean-inspired decor has long been a popular design trend, particularly in coastal regions like

Maine, Cape Cod, and Boston

. From candle lanterns to cushions, beach house decor with its nautical touches evoking the seaside, this style evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, reminiscent of lazy days spent by the sea.

One of the most iconic elements of ocean-inspired decor is lanterns. Whether they're hung on the walls or placed on tables, lanterns add a touch of nautical charm to any room. Candle lanterns are particularly popular, with their flickering light creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. When combined with other elements of coastal decor, such as seashells or driftwood, lanterns can transform a room into a serene seaside retreat. Being sailor myself I had to include nautical designs.... Even if only for myself.


Compass Rose Decor

My Compass Rose lantern - with the amazing detail of the compass rose, the sun's rays and the ocean all framed within the traditional outlines one see on maps and charts is one of my favourite designs. It really brings the ocean inside
a sand dune with the shadows of a fence playing on the sand
Coastal decor is another hallmark of ocean-inspired design. This style often features a color palette of blues and whites, with natural materials like wood and wicker adding to the relaxed vibe. Beach house decor takes this concept even further, incorporating elements like starfish and sand dollars, to create a whimsical, beachy feel. Nautical decor, with its anchors and ropes, adds a touch of traditional seafaring style. I brought these elements in the nautical lantern. The noted rope details works perfectly in any setting and it's one of my designs that really resonates with men. Not only does it suit a porch, entry and garden setting but an office or study as well.

Nautical and Seaside Details.

Seaside decor is all about capturing the essence of the ocean in your home. This could mean incorporating elements and accents to evoke the feeling of being surrounded by water. Whether you're going for a classic coastal look or a more modern take on ocean-inspired decor, there are endless possibilities to explore. Our beach house in Key West featured octopus hooks, starfish hooks, anchor hooks. Clearly I have a thing for hooks. And an awesome port hole mirror I got from Restoration Hardware. It was the perfect combo if coastal decor meets gelato colour. Quintessential Key West.

Despite its popularity, ocean-inspired decor has a timeless quality that endures. It's a style that can be adapted to suit any home, whether you're living in a cozy cottage or a modern apartment. With its soothing colors and natural materials, this design trend is perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing space in which to unwind.

modern coastal interior

Maine, Cape Cod, and Boston

, ocean-inspired decor is particularly fitting, given the regions' close proximity to the sea. By incorporating lanterns, candle lanterns, coastal decor, beach house decor, nautical decor, and seaside decor into your home, you can bring a bit of the seaside indoors and create a space that reflects your love of the ocean.

Ocean inspired decor 

Ocean inspired decor is about creating a space that can be more simplistic prioritizing clean lines and leaving the details to Mother Nature; integrating coastal elements with modern aesthetics. The natural elements exude a timeless quality capturing the essence of every one's coastal dream home. The result is a sanctuary, radiating a sense of serenity and harmony.

The enduring charm of ocean-inspired decor lies in its ability to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. The natural materials, and nautical elements of this style is perfect for creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

From Montauk to Nantucket

incorporating lanterns, candle lanterns, coastal decor, beach house decor, nautical decor, and seaside decor into your interior design can help you capture the essence of the sea and create a space that feels like a serene coastal retreat.

a beautiful coastal retreat

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