The sun is streaming through my office window in my home in Toronto

Its all about the 'Gram

@myscandinavianhome @decor8 are doing a #30DayHomeLove challenge and I appreciate the prompts .... today the topic is Shadows and Light.

The sun is low fairly low on the horizon in Toronto around 5pm when I took this shot. The sun streams in through the windows of my office which accounts for the angle of my monitor and the burning sensation on my forearms as I type this. My Pantone deck is out to select colours for a birth announcement I'm printing for my new wee grandson and I'm expecting my daily visit from the fox who has a den somewhere close by.

It sounds pretty fantastic and considering we are all hunkered down pandemic-wise I'm very lucky to have tons to do. I should have had these printed by now but I've been side-tracked by putting together a Shopify site which is not ready yet. Over my shoulder the sun is casting the beautiful pattern of the "love lantern" which although pretty doesn't hold a candle to when its lit.

Ouch! what a bad pun!

My desk with my lanterncozies and my Pantone colour deck

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