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My Favourite Room

(@DECOR8 AND @MYSCANDIANAVIANHOME) have  a #30dayhomelove challenge and I need all the prompts I can get!

Favorite Room Easy peasy... my kitchen

Its more than twenty years old, I didn't tidy anything before taking this shot from halfway up the stairs. Its a grey day and my windows could use a clean.... but its still pretty and homey and definitely mine.
I have a red AGA installed in 1999 - its had one service. Dishwasher and fridge are original which is a testament to buying good quality. Up in the top right you'll see an IKEA clock..... I think every home needs a touch of IKEA somewhere... even if its just for nostalgia's sake.
My kitchen is a cross between the one in The Big Chill - and yes its seen a lot of dancing, and Diane Keeton's kitchen in First Wives Club. NOT the one in Something's got to Give. Who keeps that room clean all the time?

Want a little cabinetry inspo? Check out #smallbonekitchens @mark.wilkinson #MarkWilkinson @prueleith has a pretty great kitchen as does Karina Rickards @cornishware_artist.

Of you also need IG help the prompts are over at the decor8 blog

The gorgeous cover photo is by https://unsplash.com/photos/zzMb7jacyBc?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink

My kitchen, the kitchen from The Big Chill and The kitchen from The First Wives Club

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