Home office with huge windows overlooking the street and great light

My office

Home office - Pretty sweet eh?

I overlook the road so I never miss a delivery and I have a view of all the comings and goings of our little free library.... apart from the seriously ugly desk lamp its pretty much perfect.... EXCEPT for the wires.

If everything is wireless, why are there soooo many wires! Where you say..... I shopped them out.... swipe right to see the original. I look all over Pinterest and none of the pretty office shots show wires. Now some you can't get away from like power - power is everything according to an excellent scene in Apolo 13 and then I prefer the speed of ethernet over wifi so there's that but all the rest I wish there was a solution for so I came up with my own.

The reason I see no wires and have such a huge work space on my desk is a bekvam foot stool from ikea which set me back about $20.
Its just in front of my desk so I can drop the height of my monitor and now my neck doesn't hurt from being craned at an off angle but all the cables are out of site. Swipe again for the view from my seat and then again for the ugly nonsense just under the desk. Chief worker bee can see all that from the chair he sits in when he comes in for a chat but he loves cables.... here's a taste his work space. Ew! 🤮
what my office actually looks like
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