jojoxetsy summer lantern

Something pretty big is in the works

All summer Lantern Cozies has been in a bit of a tizzy.  There is a launch happening August 18th with Etsy and there has been a lot to prepare for.

When Etsy approached me in the spring if I wanted to be part of a capsule collection I actually thought the email was spam. I opened it up and checked the long headers on the email (an ancient degree in computer science is still good for something) and it looked legit. The email definitely came from Etsy's servers. I read it to my sister and my daughter who were both suspicious but I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained and replied. I wrote my response and hesitated a bit...... how foolish am I was thinking..... but I hit send. 

The next day I received a response, lots of details, mine was going to be the "summer lantern". They revealed who I would be collaborating with etc. It was the real thing. Very quickly we got very serious......I'll elaborate in the next instalment.

jojoxetsy summer lantern

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