stunning breakfast photo by Brooke lark

Summer breakfasts

I'm a breakfast person and summer breakfasts are the best. Not because the food's any better, unless you're a fruit person which I am, but because you get to be outside. Its summer now and breakfast is always en plein air, if its raining we are on the front porch, if we are on the boat we are in the cockpit but these photos are in the garden by my bees which are a constant source of interest.

Brekkie is pretty simple for me because basically I'm not interested in waiting. I'm not fond of eggs, hate them in fact, and have better things to do than make pancakes or waffles so those are dinner in our house. I make my coffee - three shots and foamed milk - and some kind of toast, be it a bagel, German rye, sour dough. I occasionally indulge in a croissant but it has to be pretty spectacular to be bothered. And fruit. Bananas as back up, berries, and figs if they are in season.

That's enough to set me up for the day..... I just don't get people who skip breakfast...... The photos below are mine but that beautiful piece of eye-candy is not.... Photo by Brooke Lark

summer breakfasts in the garden

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