the book lovers lantern lit on a table by a luytens bench on the front porch

The best gifts for book lovers?

Here is an alternative bookworm gift-giving guide for.

I'm a member of a book club....

Yes I know, who isn't? But this is one where everyone reads the books, and they are  reviewed, chewed and debated over. We have a madam secretary. We have a log book. It's structured but it's awesome and it's tight so when one member moved across the continent we need a departing gift. Now gifts for a book worm friend always seem easy to shop for — just buy them a book, right?

Check out the Page Turner Lantern

But it's not that easy. Who chooses it? And is it really fair to second guess the selection if someone else is doing the work?
What if they already have the book? They may secretly hate and author the book club loves, or perhaps they love an author panned by the club.

Our book club decided to throw the gauntlet at me and and requested a lantern design specifically for Penny, our departing member. A book-adjacent gift if you will. A book themed lantern instead of a book itself.

Now we could have gone for some other items

A basket of gift ideas for book lovers:


Check out the Page Turner Lantern

This was the thrust of the design that I thought would be a perfect present for a reader

Penny is a big fan of mid-century modern architecture, and she vacations in Palm Springs - a mecca for mid-century design.  Check out the self-guided tour here. An she and her family did, in fact, land in an awesome mid-century house outside of Vancouver.

Although I did play around for a bit, got off track and came up with a rather playful design -  I got reeled in a bit. Ok a lot. I pivoted and came up with a sweet repeating pattern of - an open book! It's strong, simple and works perfectly in all three sizes and woods ( Maple, white oak and black walnut).

I'm really happy with the result.  It's fluid, and simply elegant  but when I started posting the evolution of the design on Instagram, I started getting orders for teachers and educators and other book clubs.

Its a gorgeous design that I'm very proud of and it's the perfect gift for avid readers and bookworms — that isn't a book.

Check out the Page Turner Lantern

 close up of the design details of the lantern I designed for book lovers

You can find my page-turner lantern here.


two images of the perfect gift for a book lover - a lantern with a reading theme

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