A Wedding in the garden

A Wedding in the garden

A wedding in the garden. garden. How can there can be more planning when all you want is something simple?

Our bride didn't want "too much stuff" on the table but if less is more, the less has to be something special. Candlelight was a must, but candles blow out - what was needed were Hurricane Lanterns. Lots of them. After searching for some thing distinctive, not too fussy, not too formal, not too casual, and finally, not too expensive she was pretty much ready to give up.

Maybe it could be made?

We looked around and shopped at various stores and found some glass that would do. 

The glass itself is good, but a bit plain so I decided to see if I could make a cover ( or cozy) that would slide over the glass.  I designed the first lantern cozies in white oak and made enough to do the whole wedding. They turned out beautifully.

Now the design has evolved so the cozies can be changed to suit the holiday, the season, the event, your mood..... whatever! They store flat in a drawer and are super practical - I slip off the cozie and put the glass through the dishwasher.

The wedding was wonderful...have a look at the gallery and see where this all started...

coming down the aisle lantern- mid century modern on wedding table the speeches after the wedding wedding harvest table set up - blue and white cocktails by the pool after the wedding kiss on the front porch after the wedding during the wedding service in the garden the bride wears converse sneakers close up of lantern on the harvest wedding table going up the walk after the wedding
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