View of the Wedding Chapel, Zachary Taylor Park - Key West Florida

Crash a Wedding?

It was being set up - there was no one around - no harm no foul?


It was a gorgeous day here in Key West so Jim and I went to the beach to do a little photo shoot of my lanterns.

I find they are great to have on hand when the day draws to a close but I'd rather linger a little longer than head home.  They are super romantic as well as practicle especially on a windy day but I'm also really careful with the glass.... both on the beach and when I'm packing up the beach stuff.

This being Key West we get around by bike pulling a small trailer behind us loaded up with all our gear....this day we may have been a tad overloaded given we needed to transport all the glass and all the wood cozies - just in case.

It was a Saturday afternoon and as we arrived I noticed a couple of people setting out chairs for a sunset wedding. Seems obvious now, but I really hadn't planned for that. They  left and the wedding wasn't for hours soooooo I set the lanterns down the aisle - like you do.

They looked amazing but the next thing I knew the man came back to rake the area. I thought my time was up but he just assumed I was with the staff setting up for the wedding and wasn't cross at all. In fact, he remarked on how nice they were and had never seen anything like them.  I just said thanks and carried on and then he was on his way. 

I was very careful not to disturb his nicely raked area but thanked my lucky stars - I don't know when I would have had the opportunity to get some nice wedding shots.

True to say - everything works out in Key West. Enjoy the view.

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