Put Me On

You must have purchased your Luci Lantern Cozy at RawArtists because that is where they were introduced. This is a combination of two of the coolest things - a solar inflatable Luci Light complimented by a Lantern Cozy.... Pretty perfect!

To put the cozy on the Luci light:

  1. Inflate the Luci Light and unwrap the cozy
  2. Remove the adhesive protection on the inside of the cozy
  3. Place the Luci Light, logo upwards in the middle of the cosy and close it with the velcro.
  4. Slide the brace under the handle and slide in the hook. It will click into place and you're ready to hang your lantern.

Watch the video below..... Its worth thousands of words.



How To assemble your Luci Light Lantern