The Perfect gift - other than books - to fill a bibliophile's home

Is there anything that reflects comfort and coziness of the simple things in life than a good book?

Whether it's cozying up under a blanket with stormy weather raging outside or relaxing on the porch in a comfy wicker chair..... a bit of loved literature is pretty much a reader’s paradise.

We here in lantern-land always like to add to the hygge-vibe with candlelight, which of course means lantern-light. How do we light up some bookish candles? With the page-turner lantern..... designed for book lovers, educators and bibliophiles everywhere.

To make the whole thing bookish, the design is a repeating pattern of the open pages of a book. It's simple, elegant and definitely not on the first page of search results for “literary gift” or “bookish gift.” Finally some home decor for the book lovers on your list.

But your bookish paradise wouldn’t be complete without the most important part: your favourite read with a warm cup of tea, or a nice glass of wine in the warm glow of a cozy candlelit room.