What I learned about Cardinals

A cardinal is often thought to be a special messenger from a loved one who has passed away. When you spot a cardinal, it's like they are visiting you and letting you know they are with you. They often show up just when you need them the most or when you miss them dearly. Cardinals can appear during both happy and tough times, reminding you that your loved one is always by your side.

Legend has it that the vibrant red color of cardinals symbolizes the love and hope. Their bright red feathers stand out in the dreary days of winter, adding a touch of faith and warmth.

Cardinals are striking and familiar backyard birds, commonly found in eastern North America, southwestern U.S., and Mexico. With their distinct crest, large red bill, and long tail, they are easily recognizable even from a distance. The males are entirely red with a black face, while females are brownish overall with redder wings and tail. They are often seen in pairs or small groups near dense cover, such as thickets near forest edges, and are known to visit bird feeders. You can identify them by their high-pitched metallic chips and series of loud, sweet whistles.

If you're a bird lover, you may find the sight of a cardinal particularly special. It can evoke emotional and spiritual feelings, as many believe that seeing a cardinal is a sign that those we have lost will live on forever in our hearts. Keeping their memory alive is important, and the cardinal serves as a beautiful reminder of their presence.