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  • The Travel Lantern
  • True North Lantern - Strong and Free
    A true north lantern  - medium in white oak on the arm of an Adirondack in Muskoka
  • A tree of life lantern with a celtic spin
    a tree of life lantern black walnut, large
  • The Floral Lantern
    The floral lantern - size small in black walnut on the back of a toilet in my neighbour's loo
  • The Mandala lantern
    The mandala lantern - glass and natural maple, oak or walnut -
  • Mid Century Modern
    Three mid century modern lanterns in size small in black walnut, white oak and maple
  • The Honeybee lantern
    close up of the honeybee detail of the honeybee lantern
  • Oak leaves and acorns
  • The pineapple lantern
    The pineapple lantern - a welcoming tradition in glass and wood-maple,oak,or walnut
  • The Love Lantern
  • Ganesha
  • Page Turner
  • Harlejo
  • The scotch thistle lantern
    Scottish design lantern - in black walnut - lit with tea lights