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The Fleur Lantern

The Fleur Lantern

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This floral lantern is one of my favorite designs. Nicknamed FLEUR. It has retro charm but the design also includes the tiny details you see in the paper cutting art of Scandinavian countries.

My mother in law is a great gardener and she was the inspiration. There are barley motifs, some delicate Queen Anne's lace. There are also some hyper-geometric tulips, barley and daisies. My Irish cousins think I may have been channelling a little Orla Keily as well..... now THAT'S a compliment!

This floral lantern can also be personalized which makes a very meaningful gift. You can purchase the customized version here. Or if you already have a lantern and you would like the Fleur cozy as a change you can purchase just the cozy here.

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