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Extra Cozies (No Glass) The scotch thistle lantern

Extra Cozies (No Glass) The scotch thistle lantern

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I'm pretty proud of this thistle design..... and it has just a touch of plaid as well!

January is well and truly upon us and Robbie Burns night beckons. For those of you with a bit of Scottish in you, Outlander fans, or just admire the strong lines of the Scotch thistle.... this is the lantern for you. I did a ton of research for this design.....from Botanical drawings to tea towel souvenirs to 13th century block prints. I really hadn't conceived of how many interpretations of the thistle have been rendered over the years but believe me, its lots.

Then.... I wanted a back drop for the flower.... I was thinking plaid or tartan.... but boy was that challenging. Trying to get the cuts in the wood to mimic woven wool? What was I thinking! In fact it turned out rather well though initially there was a bit much to much tartan......... So back to the drawing board - less tartan, but I added a few small, more simple thistles.... for interest but not to fight with the main thistle.... truly the star of the show.


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