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Extra cozy (No Glass) - Mid-Century modern

Extra cozy (No Glass) - Mid-Century modern

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This  is for the mid-century modern cozy only.... you must have previously purchased one of my lanterns.

This is my mid-century modern lantern design.
When I began work on this design researching mid-century modern architecture.... I was dreaming of Palm Springs Denver, Houston, Portland, Chicago....where there are lots of examples.

The designs speak to our relationship with nature.
The minimalist esthetic and simplicity show off the fine craftsmanship and construction. I learned so much about the influencers of that era such as Ray Eames,  Arne Jacobsen, and George Nelson.

The mid-century modern lantern embraces the tennents of the period. Organic materials, simple forms, function without fussy details 
The result is this modern, softly repeating pattern that shines in all three wood species:  black walnut, white oak or maple.

This is the lantern for grouping. It is so versitile, complimenting the other designs. And the texture of the wood infuses this lantern with the character and laid-back luxe of this design period.

If you love this design but haven't purchased a lantern in the past you can purchase the complete lantern here.

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