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The Honeybee lantern

The Honeybee lantern

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This honey bee lantern design is inspired by the beehive I have in my back garden.
My bees produce the most delicious golden honey - and are reasonably well behaved when I do my harvests. Though it's true to say, I have been stung.

I wanted to do a "bee themed" design for myself but life got in the way like it does. Eventually I did get to put my attention to this bee design .... and I'm quite happy with this.

The honeybee design lantern is available and works very well in all sizes and all woods. It was my most popular design for the Christmas season 2020 as opposed to the snowflakes. The second photo is one of my bees heading back to the hive after investigating the lantern. Pretty cool.

If you already have a lantern and would prefer to purchase the cozy you will find it here.


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