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Snowflake (Holiday Lantern), Wood and Glass Candle Holder, lantern,cozy lanternCozies holiday candles

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This is the counter point lantern. The free flowing snowflakes tiny snowballs set off the regulatory of my other two holiday lanterns. The trees and stars patterns sprung directly from the JoJo x etsy technique. This lantern is a departure and prevents to matchy a result.

I make these beautiful lanterns from glass and Maple, Black Walnut or white Oak from my home near Toronto, Canada.
Besides being beautiful they are really practical.... The wood exterior can be exchanged with any of the other styles or woods I offer. So you can have the style in this listing and then with just the purchase of a spare cozy you can switch over to a mandala style or a mid-century style or any of the other styles available in my shop. You can change from light wood to dark wood whenever you wish.

If you have previously purchased one of my lanterns I also sell the spare cozies BUT THEY ARE SPECIFIC TO THE GLASS I USE. You must have EXACTLY a 7"x7", or a 5" x 5" or a 4" x 5" glass for the appropriate cozie would fit. (our cozies go AROUND the glass and are made of wood, so they aren't flexible). If you already have my glass, you can purchase the extra cozy here -

I use artificial candles such as those sold by luminara. Live flame pillar candles or tea-lights work out really well but, of course, use carefully at your own risk.

I offer three wood species to match your decor, please visit my shop for details.

Wrap your evening with shimmering light.
Cast magical patterns with these natural wood cozies.

Note: Wood grain is a natural occurring characteristic therefore grain pattern and actual color will vary.

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