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The Celtic Tree of Life Lantern

The Celtic Tree of Life Lantern

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Enjoy the coziness the light of my celtic-inspired candle holder brings. Your candle will glow warmly through the openwork pattern of the tree of life but for balance I also included additional celtic details at the sides and bottom of the lantern.

Our Tree of Life lantern is very strong graphically.....

It's wonderful that so many have reached out to let me know their lantern is being used for remembrance.  Although people often light a candle for death, and this wasn't my original intent, I am very touched by this.

I am honoured this design is often used as a memorial, a remembrance candle lantern.

People often ask what is the meaning behind the Celtic tree of life. In a nutshell it symbolizes eternal life and immortality which is why using this tree of life lantern as a memorial lantern is a lovely idea.  I like thinking that it will provide little bit of  comfort in this way.
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