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Tree of Life lantern with Personalization

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The tree of Life Lantern can be made just a bit more special with the addition of an initial.
It is still available with  without customization here.

Custom Designs

antern Cozies have many custom capabilities. We have created signature designs for club prizes, branded accessories and exclusive designs for our corporate clients.

Our clients have found following up each year with the latest cozy design to "refresh" the lantern a fabulous option. LanternCozies makes it easy to give something completely new without having to reinvent the wheel.  Its just perfect at a busy time of year. The universal response? They are EXCELLENT GIFTS ! 

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What is the significance of the Tree of Life

I first got the idea for this design because St. Patrick's Day was coming up and I wanted to make something for my mother-in-law who is from a small town outside of Kilkenny, Ireland. I started with a tree of life drawing and so of course I looked for examples of Celtic tree of life art. That was a huge discovery. Where I was originally thinking Irish, this symbol is used in all sorts of art forms and many cultures.

There are:
    • Celtic tree of life tattoos
    • tree of life ring
    • tree of pendants
    • tree of life wall art

It goes on and on with so many interpretations but this is understandable. For myself, trees are one of mother nature's most inherently beautiful offerings.

I hope I did it justice.