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  • A tree of life lantern with a celtic spin
    a tree of life lantern black walnut, large
  • Extra Cozie (No Glass) True North Lantern - Wild and Free
  • Extra Cozies (No Glass) The scotch thistle lantern
    a flat lay close up of the thistle design for the lantern.
  • Extra cozy (No Glass) - Mid-Century modern
  • Extra Cozy (No Glass) - The mandala lantern
  • Extra Cozy (No Glass) - Oak leaves and Acorns Lantern
  • Extra cozy (No Glass) - The Honeybee Lantern
    honeybee design lanterncozie - extra cozy no glass- flat lay shows the design details
  • Extra Cozy (No Glass) - The Love lantern
  • Extra cozy (No Glass) - The tree of life design
    the tree of life spare cozies in a flatlet photograh
  • Extra cozy (No Glass) -Floral detail - Natural wood cover - For those who already have one of my lanterns (lanterncozies)
  • Extra Cozy (No Glass) -The Pineapple Lantern
    the pineapple design - for the cozy only - in a beautiful tropical flat lay
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  • Holiday Stars - 2021
  • Letter A Monogram Lantern
    LETTER A MONOGRAM LANTERN - available in white oak or maple beautiful illuminated letters
  • Letter B Monogram Lantern
  • Letter C Monogram Lantern